Purchasing on FANtium

How to purchase a token on the FANtium platform

How can I purchase a token on FANtium?

Please follow the step-by-step guide below to purchase an athlete token in the FANtium application:
  • Make sure you are signed in to your FANtium account (see this section on how to sign in).
  • After logging in, navigate to the "Explore" page where you can view all the athletes that are selling tokens through FANtium.
  • Select the athlete you want to purchase a token from by clicking "View athlete". Once you have selected the athlete, you will be redirected to the athlete's page.
  • On the athlete's page you can choose between the different tiers of tokens (Bronze, Silver, Gold) that the athlete offers for sale. For each token there are FAN perks that you can view on the token page. Next, click on "Buy Token" to initiate the payment process.
Note: If the tokens are already sold out, you can purchase them via secondary markets. See this section on how to purchase via a secondary market.
  • Once you click on "Buy Token", a pop-up window will appear (only the first time) asking you to enter personal information (name, date of birth, gender, etc.). This is a mandatory step and part of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification that we conduct for you in the background. You will not be able to purchase a token if you have not filled in your responses and submitted them to us. If you have previously entered your personal data in your settings, this step is not necessary.
Note: The profile verification can take a few minutes. If an error message appears, it means that your AML was not successful. You will need to contact our support team via the intercom button in the right corner (or via [email protected]) to review your profile.
  • After you have completed the AML, you will proceed to selecting the amount of tokens and your preferred payment method.

How do I pay and which currency do I use?

There are two payment methods:


  • You fill in your credit card details (name, card number, expiry date, ZIP code, and CSC).
  • You can also select Android or Apple Pay (if enabled).
  • There is a 5% (4.9% of the Subtotal +$0.30) payment processing fee which is charged by the third party payment provider (thirdweb) to cover the costs associated with payment processing.
  • Select "PAY NOW" (it can take up to 1min for the transaction to be confirmed).

Pay with WALLET

Note: You will need USDC.e (Polygon) to purchase tokens on FANtium (NOT USDC (Polygon) or USDC (Ethereum). Polygon is the underlying network on which FANtium is built.
If you have USDC (Polygon) in your wallet, please swap your USDC (Polygon) to USDC.e (Polygon).
To view the steps on how to swap USDC to USDC.E, please check this page.
  • Send funds to your wallet, by clicking "COPY ADDRESS":
    • Send funds from another wallet to this address.
    • Please make sure you send USDC.e or USDC (Polygon), not USDC (Ethereum).
    • If you have USDC (Polygon) in your wallet, please use to swap your USDC (Polygon) to USDC.e (Polygon). Metamask users can also use the Swap functionality within their wallet.
    • We propose you always enter a wallet address that is linked to your FANtium account to use the funds on FANtium. See this section on where to find your wallet address.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to Approve the funds for buying shares. Click on “Authorize spending” to allow your funds to be exchanged for the token. This will open a pop-up where you will need to click on "Confirm" , allowing the smart contract to withdraw the purchase prize from your wallet. This does not yet move any of your funds.
  • Next you need to confirm that you are buying in your own name and that you have read and understood the terms of the "NFT sales agreement" and the "Annex 4 - KID". Set the check marks accordingly before clicking on "Buy token" to make the purchase. This will trigger another popup to open where you need to confirm the final purchsae.
  • Yay, you made it. Now you can view your newly purchased token in your dashboard.
Note: Purchasing tokens is not available in the United States of America (USA) or in any sanctioned countries.