If I'm a MetaMask wallet user, how do I get my USDC onto a polygon network?

In order to get USDC on your MetaMask polygon network you need to use a cross-chain bridge, such as Hop exchange.

  1. Visit the Hop webpage and click β€œUse Hop”.

  2. Once in the Hop application, connect your wallet to Hop.

  3. Depending on what cryptocurrencies you have in your wallet, choose whether to send or convert USDC to your Polygon network. Consequently, either click β€œSend” or β€œConvert” at the top.

  4. Afterwards follow the steps on the Hop exchange to finish the process of loading USDC onto your Polygon network in your wallet.

Ensure that your wallet also owns Matic Tokens on the Polygon network. This will be needed to execute transaction on the Polygon network (similar to ETH on Ethereum). If you don’t have Matic Tokens on Polygon you can repeat step 1-4 with Matic Tokens.

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