How to swap USDC to USDC.E

Guide to swap USDC to USDC.e using Torus wallet and Uniswap

Follow these steps to easily swap your USDC to USDC.E:

  1. Login Fantium App => Open your Torus Wallet on a new tab

  2. Click 'Add Token' => Copy paste the USDC.E Token Contact Address below: Token Contact Address: 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174.

  3. Open Uniswap => Click 'Connect' => Select ‘WalletConnect’ and copy the link

  4. Open Torus Wallet => Click 'Use WalletConnect' => Paste the link and connect

  5. Make sure you have enough ‘Matic’ token on your wallet. Matic tokens are needed as gas token for the USDC swap

  6. Go to Uniswap Swap page => Select a token => Select 'POLYGON' as network => Select USDC to USDC.E

  7. Click 'Swap' => Click 'Sign and swap' => Go to Torus Wallet and confirm permission => Confirm Permission 2nd time

  8. VOILÀ! Swap Success => Go to Fantum app and verify your balance

Note: If confirmation questions doesn’t popup automatically for Torus, begin from the start and reconnect.

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