🦊Account Migration (Metamask)

Migrating your account using a Metamask wallet to the New Fantium Account System

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to migrate your account from the old Torus/Social Login to the new Fantium account system. This process will help you securely transition your assets and information to ensure a seamless experience on Fantium. Follow each step carefully and refer to the corresponding pages on the web app.

Step 1: Login with Your Wallet

  1. Start migration flow: To start the migration, click on "MIGRATE YOUR ACCOUNT" button on the previous page

  2. Migration Information: Following you will be directed to an information page that explains the 3 different steps of the migration flow once more. Once you have read through the information click "CONTINUE" to continue the process.

  3. Login with Metamask: Log into your old account by selecting "SIGN IN WITH METAMASK"

  4. Confirmation: Metamask will ask you to confirm your login with a signature request. If you are not automatically seeing a signature request, navigate to your metamask wallet in the top right and click on its icon. You will see a signature request pop-up. Click "CONFIRM" to sign into your FANtium legacy account.

Step 2: Set a New Account Password

  1. Password Setup: You will be directed to a page to set a new password for your FANtium account.

  2. Enter New Password: Create a strong password and enter it twice into the fields provided.

  3. Save Password: Click on the 'CONTINUE' button to save your new password and continue the process.

Step 3: Confirm or enter Personal Information

  1. Personal Information: After setting your new password, you will be taken to a page to confirm or enter your personal information.

  2. Review and save Details: Ensure that all your personal information is correct. Once you are happy with the information displayed, click "SAVE" to save your information to your new account and continue the process.

Step 4: Complete and Sign-in!

Congratulations! You have successfully migrated your account from the Torus/Social Login to the new Fantium account system. Navigate to the new Login screen by clicking on "LOG IN" and access the FANtium platform and your account. If you encounter any issues during the migration process, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team via email at info@fantium.com or by clicking on the support icon in the bottom right.

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