Overview of benefits associated with a token

What do I get in return for purchasing a token?

Owning a token enables you to participate in the real world success of an athlete. Also, you will get access to the athlete's inner community, unlocking unique perks and experiences, connecting you to the athletes like never before.

What share of prize money do athletes offer on the platform?

This depends on the athletes. They can decide themselves what share of their upcoming prize money they want to make available on the platform. Currently most athletes aim for something between 5% to 20% of their earnings.

Where can I see how much prize money I get from the token?

The share of prize money that is allocated to a token is shown on multiple pages: On the β€œAthlete” page it is shown under β€œOwnership / Token”. Also, you can find the information by clicking on the token. In the pop-up that opens, you can find the required information in the box called β€œOwnership per token”.

Note: The sum of shares allocated to all tokens might not always precisely add up to the total share of prize money that the athlete wants to make available. This is due to rounding errors. FANs will however, always receive the share of prize money that corresponds exactly to their purchasing price.

What additional benefits come with a token?

This depends on the athletes and the tier of the token you have purchased. Athletes define the benifts themselves but they may range from exclusive training sessions with the athletes staff via Meet & Greets at the tournaments to access to exclusive chats and communities with the athlete.

Where can I see what other benefits come with the token?

The available benefits are shown on the β€œToken” page. This page can be found by navigating to the β€œAthlete” page and then clicking on the token of which you want to check the benefits.

How often can I claim my benefits?

This depends on what the athlete has decided. The athlete defines the available benefits and also how often they can be claimed.

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