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FANtium's official resource page for Discord.


Welcome to the FANtium Discord. We are going to overview everything the FANtium Discord has to offer as well as a complete guide to the FANtium ecosystem since it can get a bit overwhelming.

This article is mainly a packet of information every FAN should know to get the most value out of it. We will continuously update this packet and reference this article so we can keep others updated with future changes.

FANtium Twitter Rewards

Welcome to the FANtium Twitter Rewards bot. Users in the FANtium Discord can link their Twitter and get rewarded for simply showing support on the FANtium Twitter. This includes the following:

  • Retweets & Quote Retweets

  • Liking Tweets

  • Commenting on Tweets

  • Following Specific Users

Rewards may vary from Whitelist spots, access to exclusive giveaways, FANtium athlete merchandise, and so much more!

To link your Twitter, simply go to the "Twitter Verify" channel and use the /link command.

The FANtium Discord is sectioned into multiple categories. Each category has it's own important channels with the information regarding the platform, the FANtium team, general chats, and more. Refer below on how the Discord is categorized:

/ S T A R T -- This category includes helpful channels to get started in the FANtium Discord.

/ I N F O R M A T I O N -- This category includes all of FANtium's documentation, announcements, team info, and more.

/ F A N T I U M -- This category includes helpful tools and information after the first FANtium token launches. Stay tuned for more channels in this category.

/ G E N E R A L -- This category includes all of the general community chats, game channels, and suggestion channels.

/ V O I C E -- This category includes voice chats for the FANtium community. Join the voice channels and start talking with other FANs!

/ S U P P O R T -- This category is specifically for creating support tickets and reporting other users in the FANtium Discord.

Note: The FANtium Discord is always undergoing changes to constantly improve user experience, so this section of the FANtium WIKI will be updated frequently.

FANtium Holder Roles

After the launch of our first player, FANtium holder roles will be available. This section of the WIKI will be updated upon the release of our first player.

Keep updated on our Twitter & Discord.

How to Use Voice Chats

The voice chats in the FANtium Discord are mostly used for open discussion. Most of the voice chats are open to all members meaning there is little to no moderation throughout the day within each call. The staff and team at FANtium will make sure to keep everyone safe and comfortable while using the voice chats. Please be kind and respectful to those who are in the voice chats at all times.

Any updates regarding FANtium voice chats will be made here and in the Discord announcements channel.


Thank you for taking the time to read the FANtium Discord breakdown. We will continue adding to this document with additional information as it is released. Make sure to follow our official social media pages below for daily updates:

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