General overview of the platform and its offering

What is FANtium?

On FANtium, athletes can tokenize a share of their expected earnings and sell those as tokens to FANs. FANs purchase ownership in the future prize money or career earnings directly from the athlete in the form of tokens and get to participate in the athlete’s real-world earnings. They can choose to invest for a specific season with a season token or an athlete’s entire career through a career token. It’s not all about money though, FANs become part of the athlete’s inner community, unlocking unique perks and experiences, connecting them to their athletes like never before.

Why is FANtium based on the blockchain?

We fundamentally believe in the technology behind the blockchain and the power it has to democratize sports. Building FANtium on a blockchain allows athletes to connect with their FANs on a true peer-to-peer basis. Should FANtium be ceased, the tokens previously issued by athletes on FANtium would live on forever on the blockchain and the connections to athletes would be preserved.
Blockchain technology allows athletes to fractionalize their prize money and make it investable by FANs around the world. Each ownership token is stored on the blockchain and can be quickly and easily transferred to another person.

What is FANtium’s role in the sale of an athlete token?

FANtium is a platform that enables athletes to publish and sell tokens directly to FANs. FANtium does not own, mint, sell, purchase or trade any token issued on the platform and does not provide or operate any marketplace or trading infrastructure. Rather, it supports the athletes by providing the technical infrastructure for the token creation and its primary sale. FANtium does not handle any funds of any users. As such, it is important to highlight that there are no monetary flows that go via FANtium. The flow of funds is always directly between the athletes and their FANs.