Where are my tokens stored?

After buying a token on the FANtium platform it will be stored in your wallet. You can see all the tokens that you own by going to the β€œDashboard” page.

Can I also send my token to another wallet?

Yes you can. Token can be sent to other wallets as often as you like. Just be aware that you have network fees involved in sending your token to other wallets. Also, make sure that you send the token to the correct address. If you send them to a wrong address you have no way to reclaim them in the future.

What can I see on my dashboard?

On your dashboard, you can view various information about your tokens. This includes, among other things, the total number of athletes you have invested in, the total number of tokens you own and the cumulative total earnings you have made. You also get a detailed overview of all the tokens you own and can sell them from there.

The more our platform grows, the more comprehensive your dashboard becomes.

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