Presale and allowlist

Information on allowlist spots and presale applications

What is presale?

Presale is only available to selected FANs, before the public sale. Such FANs will be able to purchase tokens before anyone else, on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I get access to the presale?

Presale, pre-mint and private sale are terms that we use interchangeably. There are four options to access the presale:
  • Collaboration allowlist: win a raffle from one of our collaboration partners (keep an eye out on Twitter & Discord)
  • FANtium allowlist: win a spot in our allowlist raffle on the FANtium premint (LINK)
  • FANtium platform: sign in on FANtium, navigate to the athlete page, click "Apply for presale" and win the raffle for a presale spot.
  • Early access referral competition: be among the participants ranked in the top 250 on the referral list (email referral - ended on 29.11.2022), winners are notified via email
In order to increase your chances to be among the first to purchase a token in the presale, follow these next steps:
  1. 1.
    Complete profile: fill out your details in your profile on the FANtium platform
  2. 2.
    MetaMask wallet: if you signed in with MetaMask, ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet
  3. 3.
    Torus wallet: if you signed in with socials or email address you will be able to top up your wallet during the purchase process
If you entered the presale list through an allowlist raffle (through a collaboration), don't be confused if you sign in to the FANtium platform and the button reads "Apply for Presale”. Even if you already have an allowlist spot secured, you will need to fill out the personal information before buying a token (read more here). Filling out your personal information in advance will save you time during the token sale process.
Note: Everyone on the allowlist needs to fill their profile information in order to be able to participate in the presale.
Note: for anyone who won a spot in an allowlist raffle, make sure to sign in with the same wallet used for the allowlist raffle, so we can link your profile to the wallet. This will ensure your wallet is “whitelisted” for the presale.

Can I win multiple presale spots?

No. It is important to mention that every person / wallet will only be eligible for one presale entry. We will check for double wallet entries and double personal accounts to make sure that everyone receives one presale spot.

Do I have a guarantee to purchase a token if I am accepted for the presale?

Access to the presale does not guarantee that you will be able to also buy a token. The presale is on a first come, first serve basis and there are more spots on the presale list than token available. So better be quick!

What is early access?

Early access means that you will be allowed to join the platform before we open it to the public. This gives you time to get acquainted with the platform, update your personal data and be ready for the launch of the first token. Early access was granted as part of the early access referral competition which is closed now.