🀝How to sell a token

Step-by-step instructions how to list and sell your token on a marketplace

Connect to OpenSea

Currently you cannot sell your tokens on the FANtium platform. Instead you will have to do via OpenSea:

  • Visit OpenSea.io and click on the β€œConnect Wallet” in the top right corner

    • MetaMask users: Select "MetaMask" and login

    • Other (Torus) users:

      • Select "WalletConnect" and copy the link next to "Connect your wallet"

      • Go to https://polygon.tor.us/

        • Login with same credentials as FANtium

        • Select "Use WalletConnect"

        • Paste the opensea.io link in the box and "Connect"

        • Select "Take me to opensea.io"

          • When logging in the first time:

            • OpenSea popup: agree to the OpenSea Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by selecting "Accept and Sign"

            • Torus popups: Go back to https://polygon.tor.us/wallet/home and select "Confirm" in two following popups to give OpenSea permission to your wallet

      • You are now logged in and can list your token for sale

Notes: Ideally you login to OpenSea using the same wallet as you have on FANtium. That way you avoid having to transfer your token from one wallet to another.

If you cannot immediately see your tokens, check "More" > "Hidden", select the tokens and unhide them.

Network: please make sure that you are connected to the Polygon Network. Select the wallet icon in the top right corner and select "Switch Chain" to Polygon.

List your Token For Sale

  • Go to "Profile" > "More" > "Hidden"

  • Choose the Token you want to sell and select "Unhide" > you will now see your Tokens under "Collected"

  • Select the Token and "List for Sale"

    • Choose the type of sale:

      • Fixed price: you set the price of the token

      • Timed auction: where you can sell to the highest bidder or with a declining price (more info here)

    • Choose the price and currency of the sale

    • Set a duration for the listing

  • Select "Complete Listing"

  • Approve Collection: go to https://polygon.tor.us/wallet/home and in the popup select "Confirm" to pay the transaction fee in MATIC (Polygon)

  • Approve Listing: same as the previous step

  • Go back to OpenSea and select "View Listing" > your Listing is now complete!

Sell your Token

You will now have to wait for someone to buy your Token. Consider lowering the price if your listing does not get any interesting buyers. Once purchased, you will get your funds immediately.

In case you need more information head over to the FAQ of OpenSea, where you will find a lot of details on how to sell tokens and also the fees that come along with it.

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