How to onboard funds with RAMP

Ramp is a third-party service that allows you to deposit USDC.E with traditional payment methods like debit/credit cards and bank transfers.

Follow these steps to easily onboard funds manually into your wallet:

  1. Open website ⇒ Navigate to the "Buy & Sell crypto" section

  2. Select the currency you pay and select USDC.E in Polygon network as a currency you get. Enter the amount you wish to purchase.

  3. Enter your email and verify confirmation

  4. Open your Fantium wallet page ⇒ copy the wallet address and paste it to the related field

  5. Select your preferred payment method from the available options. You can use bank transfer option only for Euro payments.

  6. Select Self-hosted wallet ⇒ confirm ownership and enter your full name

  7. Proceed with the payment using your chosen method. If you use bank transfer, do the transaction from your bank app. Make sure to include the reference number written on the ‘Title’ field.

  8. Once the payment is confirmed, the funds will be deposited into your designated wallet address. You'll receive a confirmation email from

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